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Gee, with a title like that, its really enticing to shell out $7.50 to see that, huh? Well, as luck would have it … I didn’t. I’m not sure I want to confess to much more beyond that, so for details, consult my attorney. Nevertheless, this was the worst peice of celluloid drivel I have seen to date. As I remarked to my fellow travellers in attendance: Worst episode of After MASH ever. Thos with a detailed knowledge of the MASH cast as well as this one will slowly but surely get that joke … maybe.

Nevertheles, the absolute worst thing about this movie was what they did to a great Van Halen song. Everybody Wants Some is this really great sleaze metal song, yet when done against the backdrop of stop animation cheeseburgers getting jiggy with it, I died a thousand deaths as a Van Halen fan watching the male cheeseburger play an Eddie-esque guitar for the full effect. I’ve seen a lot of pure crap on the movie screen, but nothing hits lower than that.
Cutting to the chase, here’s the jist: Brat-pack era flick trying to mimic John Hughes only without the acting genius of Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald and without the writing and directorial talents of John Hughes. Other than that, they’re identical.

OK, obviously, I didn’t leave thinking very highly of this movie. But for good reason, I claim. It sucked. Its only showing this weekend, though. So you needn’t walk in fear for much longer. Just walk in zig-zag formation for tomorrow and I think this thing will be beat.
That’s it for movie night, folks. I’m a little optimistic on making it to see Comedian tomorrow, but I’m not carving it in stone or anything. Busy week healing from the flu and a busy weekend of watching movies really doesn’t allow me to catch up on all the other assorted madness I need to do in order to live with myself.