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The global financial crisis that began in the summer of 2007 and called the Great Recession, is the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 30s of last century. It started as a mortgage crisis in the US has grown into a liquidity crisis and a crisis of collateral.

The collapse of the stock market close on this scale since the Great Depression. From August 2007 to March 2009, which is considered the bottom of the crisis, the S & P Index fell by 50%. Banks have written off as lost 2.2 trillion dollars.

Once governments had to provide unprecedented rescue packages and other incentives, were hit the public sector and the real economy. She has led to rising unemployment and secondary effects, delaying recovery. Only in the US because of the large debt and budget deficits, experts estimated that taxes will increase by 3 trillion for the next 10 years.

The increasing expansion of the financial crisis led to extremely low price levels of traded financial instruments. Lack of confidence in the financial sector, expectations of recession in leading economies and biggest risk in the market had a strong impact on the prices of financial instruments.

Currently, investors are very cautious as it continues still negative trend, and expect degraded accounts of certain public companies.

US Federal Reserve lowered interest rates by a full percentage point to 0-0.25d%. This is already transferred to the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – until 57% of the active 42 companies reported growth of 36% recorded a decline, and the remaining 7% did not change its value.

Turnover was 9.5 million. Lev. Of the four SOFIX index recorded the largest increase 1.8% to 362 points, BG40 increased by 0.2% to 107.6 points, BGTR30 is poshishava by 0.83% to 275 points, while BGREIT lost 0.62% to 46.8 points.